About us

The world is a wildly varied and fast changing place. When it comes to health and security while traveling, every location is different.

Unlike the financial world, which is known for its ability to connect almost in any corner of the globe, the medical information and service providers have rarely any remote access, giving also that most people do not carry their critical medical record with them.

All that put the world travelers in a great risk and stress.

We, at Med Shield, believe that when people and their families travel the world they should travel safe, and at time of need, have an immediate access to emergency services, medical centers, emergency rooms and so on. In many cases the travelers don't need an emergency rooms, it's costly and usually wastes an entire day just for minor problems. For that My Travel Shield connect you directly to local services of doctors on call, that will either come to where ever you are or treat you via video / tele conferencing. Following the doctor visit you will get via mail the prescription as well as referral to local hospital if needed.

On top of this, most travelers think that they are covered abroad by their credit card insurance or other local providers; That is absolutely not the case. Their travel insurance are in most case very limited.

In My Travel Shield we allow our customers to get a travel insurance On the Go. With coverage for any customized item they want to insure while they are far from home. When the travelers had a doctor visit in foreign countries, it is a big hassle to get your money back from the insurance companies. With My Travel Shield application, you will simply take a photo with your smart phone and send it directly to the claims department of your insurance company.

We formed My Travel Shield application and platform in order to solve all this problems and to give the world travelers a Peace of Mind while traveling.

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